eyes get used to darkness

by Chris Rippey

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All tracks on this album are created to sound as true to an actual acoustic performance as possible. To this end no click tracks, tuners, pitch correction software, digital effects (excepting reverb and compression), or multiple layers of any single instrument are used. Tracks for solo guitar are recorded as a single performance. Tracks for ensemble are laid upon the foundation of a single take of one instrument. Detail and subtlety take precedence over volume. Imperfection and humanness remain as essential to the music.

Instrumentation: busted G guitar (also played with bottleneck slide), 5 string banjo, horse head fiddle (morin khuur), vocals, low whistle in D, assorted hand drums.

For lyrics, click on the individual tracks above.

This album was conceived and composed as a whole. Consider giving it a go in its entirety one night on your headphones!


released July 15, 2013

Composed, performed and produced by Chris Rippey. Cover design by Sam Rippey.



all rights reserved


Chris Rippey Colorado

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Track Name: Haunting Meadows
haunting meadows
far from men
once were many
now there are so few

bold in contrast
now and then
just like feathers
white and black and blue

ceaseless chatter
rivals, friends
noises that the ones who are left
won't do

silent ones can still be seen
taking with them
what remains
its true

in them
what is gone
might be renewed
oh the few
haunting meadows
Track Name: Everything Heals
broken statues of long forgotten gods
stand under a volcanic sky
greyness permeates everything

air is still and skeletally dry
but heavy as with humidity

before me does an ancient city rise
spires cracked and crumbling

blackened stones steal color from my eyes
a shadow behind everything

it wears feminine beauty perfectly
follow I must and I do so blindedly
through avenues lined with the fallen
up to a portico
where evil's agent turns its face to me

everything heals
thats not made of stone
eagle flies
through skies as yet unknown
over the ocean
Track Name: Comes Now the Bear
hear my voice
though only a whisper
the power to melt stone
hides within the softest sound

life thus called
from tomb alabaster
flee not this place
like a deer

provoking a deadly force of nature
to strike out in search of us

comes now the bear who runs with thunder
smoldering eyes on my submission bent

even as he vaults my shoulder
down the hillside
I can sense his return and I feel my heart

silence spreads
a cloak on the forest
slumbering trees witness not
what happens now

mind like water
trapped in a basin
to light and heat yields
leaping high

forming a crystal gazing-fountain
reflecting the return of the onrushing

bear whose teeth take hands prisoners
circling wide, face pressed to my abdomen

and so we must now forever dance together
though a feast shall be made of me if I stray
Track Name: Eyes Get Used to Darkness
eyes get used to darkness
after so long

what once was wreathed in shadow
soon becomes home

light from a thousand distant suns
reaches the world

dreams of will-imbued reflections
as smoke do skyward curl

the lonesome voice of the night-bird
offers its song
of rivers fast flowing wide

melody forged of joy-tempered sorrows
reaches the moon

how sweet now to be alone
in this world-threatened place

and yet pressure is mounting
building up in my soul

daylight is breaking
it's time to run

wouldn't it make it easier
to forget about this race
where winning is worse than losing?

that's why I've let my eyes get used to darkness
for there is no glory of God
but where peace might exist

even as I must step out in the daylight
with the song of the night-bird will my bones pray